Automating Vendor Management


Are you still relying on manual processes to manage your supplier communications and relationships?  In a recent survey conducted with IOFM, we have learned that the majority of organizations - large and small -- are doing just that: Trying to manually control the thousands of supplier connections, manage the exploding volumes of required documents, and keep the vendor files clean and up-to-date.  And it isn't working. 

This session focused on how Lavante SIM applies advanced technology to simplify the complex supplier information management process. Our SaaS-based solution enables companies to proactively communicate with and onboard suppliers, while collecting and managing required documents and providing continuous visibility across suppliers relationships. From self-service onboarding to real-time management reports, Lavante SIM is built for finance to allow full control over supplier information and improve supplier relationships.


The information from this session is available, however in order to view, please email to have the link sent to you.