LAVANTE TIN Management

TIN Collection and Validation


Management of accurate supplier data is more important than ever

New 1099 tax legislation included in the funding provisions of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act requires companies to collect Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) on a much larger scale (less than 10% of suppliers today, increasing to over 90% with the new law in 2012).  To comply with the legislation, companies need to implement new policies and systems to manage TINs.


Lavante TIN Management: On-Demand TIN Collection & Validation

Lavante TIN Management enables companies to drive corporate compliance with tax legislation and changes.  Lavante TIN Management automates the collection and validation of TINs and legal business names, as well as the collection and storage of W-9s and W-8s.




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Automated collection & validation of TINs and tax information:

  • TIN Collection & Matching
  • W-9 Collection & Management
  • W-8 Collection & Management


An immediate, cost-effective solution for new 1099 tax legislation

  • Drive corporate compliance with new 1099 tax legislation
  • Ensure timely supplier compliance with requests for TINs and W-9s
  • Reduce cost of gathering supplier tax information
  • Reduce B-Notices and fines


Why Lavante TIN Management?

  • The Highest Supplier Compliance: 8X results of alternative solutions
  • Immediate and Cost-Effective: Software and services drive rapid compliance 
  • Funded by Recovery: Works seamlessly with Lavante Recovery


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