I am feeling great right now, we just had our monthly all-hands company meeting and we could not be doing better through the first two months of 2010.  We have 6 new clients with 4 more queued up for March and we have hired ten new folks across all departments, and our Profit Recovery production is through the roof!   Today was a cross company love fest, but I want to call out one group specifically… I think there is a bigger message here.

Out Product Veep, Leigh Anne, who heads our engineers gave a presentation on 2010 road map and  roll out, but before she got into the details she opened with a “Thank You” slide which listed about ten other employees from outside her department.  These were employees that had sent emails to the dedicated “product suggestion” email address.  Months ago Leigh Anne established an email for all employees to send ideas about how to improve the company software and functionality and apparently many people took her up on it, especially the operations/audit team.  To some VP’s the thought of opening the suggestion flood gate may be imposing, but Leigh Anne thrived on the critiques and on the forward thinking ideas.  As she conveyed her thank you she was almost gushing about how unprecedented it was to see so many people speaking up and sharing ideas.

I think that story says a lot about Lavante, but it is more a statement about corporate health.  Many companies employ open door policies horizontally and vertically throughout the organization and that is a great thing, but not many companies remove the door from the hinges and send out invitation to visit.  This communication model requires great management and a company commitment to innovation.  Bravo Leigh Anne.