A theme I see coming up quite frequently is the difficulty my colleagues experience transferring data and reports in and of their ERP systems.  These large platforms add undeniable benefit to an enterprise to be sure, but often transferring data in and out can be unwieldy. 

At an event last week with a number of companies that run SAP I heard a lot of frustration about generating reports from the system.  I introduced the concept of Winshuttle as a solution to the group and the stared back at me like I had six eyes.  They were not aware of the product. 

In full disclosure Winshuttle is a strategic partner of Lavante, we use them to support the transmittal of our Profit Recovery claims directly into our client’s system.  But in this setting, our usage had no relevance, I was presenting Winshuttle as a solution to a problem.  The larger take away is that there are surprisingly high number of people on many different platforms that are experiencing difficulty migrating data.  but there are solutions.

Winshuttle is  the most appropriate middle ware for SAP, but for folks running Oracle, PeopleSoft, Edwards, Lawson or any other of the usual suspect including Legacy and homegrown systems you may find some relief in the following tools if you are having difficulty transporting data and reports in and out of your system: