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Senate Votes on 1099 Tax Reporting Amendment / Repeal

There has been no shortage of speculation about a forthcoming repeal of the 1099 reporting changes that were included in the passage of 2010’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Under the new law, companies will be obligated to perform 1099 reporting on a much larger population of vendors than in prior years*.  As a result of these changes and the subsequent debate, we need to seriously ask ourselves if it is likely that the law will ever be repealed and what, if any, affect should that have on the manner in which we prepare for the forthcoming changes. In response to the legislation Congressional Democrats and Republicans have both submitted repeals and or amendments in an effort to undo some of what many see as overly burdensome elements of the new 1099 reporting requirements.  The first wave of these efforts -amendments to raise the $600 limit and to repeal the law altogether –  were both denied by the Senate on September 14th.   This Monday, similar amendments were introduced by Senate Democrats and Republicans to the Small Business Jobs Act but… […]

Free Webinar on 1099 Reporting Changes (from 2010 health care bill)

Download the "New 1099 Tax Laws" Webinar for free! We are still celebrating a huge success surrounding last Friday's webinar.  With very limited outreach efforts, we overbooked the capacity of our web cast provider and we retained all attendees for the entire event.  Anyone well rehearsed in presenting webinars will acknowledge bth of these data points as [...]

1099 Reporting Changes from New Health Care Tax Legislation (PPAC: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)

By now you have probably heard about new Tax Legislation changes that have been included as part of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  Corporations will soon be dealing with a volume of 1099 reporting beyond their wildest fears. Congress tucked a small section into the enormous bill that amends Section [...]