Days Credits Outstanding – a new metric for managing cash flow

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) are important, widely used metrics to manage working capital.  Financial managers monitor these statistics very closely and regard them as key performance indicators as they work to maximize overall cash flow as well as transactional efficiency.   Through our audit work communicating with extremely large numbers of [...]

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Lavante and Ariba highlighted for New Cashflow Metrics

AP Matters Magazine highlighted Lavante in a recent article in their September/October edition. The Article features conversations with executives from Lavante and Ariba discussing how their firms are creating new cash flow metrics that are helping financial executive watch there bottom line a little more closely. Joe Flynn, CEO of Lavante discussed how Lavante's DCO [...]

IAPP Masters Session – The Changing Role of AP and AR

From this blogger's perspective the Masters Session (at FUSION 2010) hit full stride during the second panel of the day, "The changing Role of AP and AR."  Moderated by Andre Hale the Director of Accounts Payable at Disney Worldwide Shared Services, this panel aimed at exploring the migration that AP professional have made in their job duties [...]

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Dynamic Discounting

In my very unscientific research I have come to discover that Dynamic Discounting is all the rage, but that doesn't exactly mean people are doing it.  During the "Changing Role of AP/AR" panel discussion at last Wednesday's Masters Session a number of the panelists and and brave souls from the audience spoke very openly about [...]

IAPP Masters Session at FUSION 2010 (part 1)

There is a wonderful story behind IAPP/TAWPI's Master's Sessions at FUSION2010... In addition to record attendance, five guided service provider tours and a blockbuster announcement about the merging of IAPP/IARP & TAWPI, FUSION 2010 also saw the introduction of a brand new track specifically designed for CFO, Controllers and Directors in Shared Services. The track [...]

IAPP Masters Session

From the IAPP website:  THE MASTERS SESSION (At Fusion 2010 - for CFOs, Controllers, and Senior Shared Service Leaders) Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:45 am - 5:15 pm The Masters Session is not a seminar. It is an opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion with your peers in the business world. There will be no [...]