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Seven Tips to Avoid the Impact of Bad Supplier Data

Bad supplier data can be at the root of many finances and accounts payable challenges. And there are many ways vendor data can be processed that cause duplicate vendor files to be set up. Consider the various ways that an enterprise can construct the name of their supplier in their ERP system.  The screenshot below [...]

The “Real” Story Behind Accounts Payable Recognition Week!

Hello everybody.  We are coming to the close of another magical "Accounts Payable Recognition Week" and it got me thinking...  Why do we honor Accounts Payable professionals?  Actually, the better question is, "why have we dedicated only one single week to this celebration?"  Think about it.... On the premise that Accounts Payable (AP) is the [...]

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Lavante Inc. Announces New CEO, Sam Klepper, Former Executive with Intuit, Microsoft, and eMeter

Press Release Lavante Inc. Announces New CEO, Sam Klepper, Former Executive  with Intuit, Microsoft, and eMeter San Jose, Calif. - June 11, 2013- Lavante, the leading provider of cloud-based recovery auditing and supplier information management (SIM) software for Fortune 1000 companies, announced today that Sam Klepper has joined as CEO.  Klepper has an exceptional track [...]

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