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Join CEO, Joe Flynn of Lavante as he interviews both Jeff Ulanoski, former Rite Aid Director of AP and Jeff Wiest, former AP Manager at Tyco Electronics on the state of Vendor Management. Find out the benefits of using technology to: Collect W9s Screen OFAC Lists Validate Insurance Certificates Validate Diversity Status Manage Supplier Onboarding Validate USPS Addresses Manage your Vendor File More...

IRS form W9 Instructions and Printable Download

Collection of IRS federal tax form W9 does not have to be so painful. Watch this short video to see how you and your organization can Request, Collect and Automatically validate the TIN numbers with the IRS using the new Lavante Supplier Information Management System.

FREE – 1099 Reporting Changes Webinar – September 17, 2010

FREE 1099 Reporting Changes Webinar Attend a free  webinar to help you understand the effects that the new 1099 laws will have on your company and department. The presentation will be hosted by Sherry DePew the former head of Boise Cascade's global  Shared Services Group and Mindy Harada a renown tax consultant with Armenino McKenna [...]

IAPP Coverage of Lavante Supplier Information Management – Lavante SIM

Last week Lavante got some excellent coverage by AP Matters editor Diane Sears about Lavante's Supplier Information Management product, Lavante SIM. Sears makes a number of very compelling observations about the need for SIM in the current corporate environment and she does a great job explaining how corporations that are faced with increasing TIN collection demands  can achieve [...]

Maintaining Supplier Data and Information to Maximize ERP Systems and 1099 Reporting Compliance (Part 1)

Supplier information is integral to optimizing your relationships with your suppliers and for maximizing the value from your ERP system and other automated solutions.  Used correctly, a well kept supplier master data file is a strategic asset that can be leveraged into time savings, resource savings and dollars to your company’s bottom line. The biggest [...]

Free Webinar on 1099 Reporting Changes (from 2010 health care bill)

Download the "New 1099 Tax Laws" Webinar for free! We are still celebrating a huge success surrounding last Friday's webinar.  With very limited outreach efforts, we overbooked the capacity of our web cast provider and we retained all attendees for the entire event.  Anyone well rehearsed in presenting webinars will acknowledge bth of these data points as [...]

The Summary of the 1099 Reporting and Tax Legislation changes

The Summary of the Tax Legislation changes Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code outlines 1099 reporting requirements.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes an Amendment to Section 6041 which now requires 1099 reporting for any payments aggregating $600 to a supplier per year The new amendment will now create requirements for reporting for: All for-profit corporations (excluding tax-exempt corporations) Payments made for Property (goods, merchandise, supplies, raw materials, equipment, etc.) Companies will be required to submit accurate TIN information or face monetary penalties The provision in the health care law is aimed to reduce the gap between income that individuals and businesses make and the federal taxes they pay, which the Government Accountability Office estimates is $345 billion The Wall Street Journal says Congress hopes the new 1099 provision will collect $17 billion more in federal taxes and fees. What has been changed? […]

Sacramento IAPP Chapter Meeting. Networkers Wanted!

A summary of the Sacramento IAPP chapter meeting on Feb. 26, 2009

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