A Growing Interest in…

With the recent delivery of the latest version of our supplier score card (and with a couple timely webinars on the topic) we have seen a dramatic uptick in inbound queries relating to supplier score cards and other related products.  Beyond that, we have also observed an increase in dialogue on the topic within industry blogs  and at live events such as conferences and chapter meetings.  The discussion continues to heat up and it is not surprising why so many people would be taking an interest…

Supplier Score Cards

Enterprises of every size and across every corner of the globe are constantly searching for ways to measure and optimize supplier performance.  To this end, many professionals in the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) community are enjoying the continued development and delivery of supplier score carding tools.  A supplier score card consolidates information from unrelated and disparate sources to create a uniform benchmark that all suppliers can be compared against.  Despite the best intentions and efforts of many, there is still no standard measurement in widespread use that exists to evaluate suppliers.  This is unfortunate because P2P professionals endeavoring to score and rank their suppliers would benefit greatly from a singular consistent set of guiding principles.

A Couple Insights

In an effort to shed more light on the score carding landscape, Lavante is currently distributing it’s latest free white paper on the topic.   In the paper, readers will be given a high-level overview on the current state of supplier score cards and what they must consider to create a successful score card in their own environment – including a list of 5 must have features.  Readers will also gain insights into the reasons why supplier score cards are not often successfully implemented.  Finally, the papers offers a couple key items to keep in mind during the development of a successful plan.

We are encouraging all P2P professionals to review the white paper and send their own thoughts about what makes a successful score card and what key lessons they learned during their own journey regardless of where they may be in the process.