There has been a lot of talk lately about supplier portals and Supplier Information Management (SIM), but there is still much confusion among buyers. Many questions remain as to why vendor portals are important, what to look for, and how to shop. In fact, if you ask five people what a supplier portal does, you may likely get five different answers.

To help buyers navigate this confusing landscape, Josh Morrison, resident P2P expert at Lavante has drafted his latest White Paper to help alleviate some of the common misunderstandings about today’s supplier portal environment.  The free download will provide insights for:

  • Providing a foundational understanding of the industries and technologies that are driving supplier portal adoption
  • Addressing challenges faced in implementing and managing portals
  • Giving a framework from which you can create an actionable and scalable SIM initiative
  • Explaining how SIM enables and empowers your organization to remain efficient, competitive, and compliant
  • Identifying key buying considerations and developing a business case

Download “Demystifying Supplier Portals”