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Take Your Supplier Information Process to the NEXT LEVEL

In this webinar Jon Casher, President of Casher Associates and Josh Morrison, 20-year veteran of an industry leading F200 shared service environment, will walk you through the Six Steps that are indispensable to developing an exemplary, optimized Vendor Master File program. This third installment of the Lavante Thought Leadership Series will complete the discussion on The Three Pillars of achieving a best-in-class Vendor Master File process, providing a deep dive into how to truly leverage your company’s VMF to improve organizational controls, assure regulatory and corporate compliance, streamline and grow partner relationships, and protect against fraud and avoidable risk. Don’t miss this power-packed session where you will learn how to help drive your company to achieve best-in-class.

In this 60 minute presentation you will learn:

  • How your VMF can be strategically leveraged within your organization to protect its assets and reputation, better manage processes, and improve partner relationships
  • The prerequisites needed before you can achieve an optimal state
  • About the Six Steps to developing your superior VMF program
  • Ways to use supplier pre-certification and validations to reduce or eliminate opportunities for fraud, errors, and lost profits
  • How to effectively manage relationships with critical stakeholders to assure buy-in and support in all levels of the organization

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