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On-Demand Webinar

Will the Real SIM Please Stand Up? Your New Strategy for Managing Supplier Data

Join Lavante Senior Consultant Josh Morrison and Diane Sears explore various market solutions while providing clarity into the many different configurations of SIM.

Today the term “supplier information management” or SIM has become widely used and appears in the literature of almost every P2P, purchasing and accounts payable (AP) solution. If you’re shopping for software that will help with your supply chain, the field is dense with companies saying their solutions will handle SIM for you. But beware, because not all SIM solutions are equal.

With procurement initiatives on the line for future funding instead of budget cuts, and the credibility of P2P leaders at stake, the need for “clean data” is more crucial than ever before. P2P teams are increasingly challenged to control costs and reduce inefficiencies — an assignment they will have to fulfill if they want to continue elevating their role within the enterprise. But a lack of visibility into their processes and true costs is holding them back.

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