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Expert Advice in Reducing Risk in Your P2P Environment

A huge thank you to Chris Doxey for joining me on today’s webinar, “Managing Supplier Risk: A Multi-Disciplined Approach for Mitigating and Detecting P2P Fraud.”   Great turnout for the webinar and a great topic!   We discussed how supplier information is the foundation for managing supplier relationships and P2P processes.  It is also the first line of defense to protect your organization from losses due to supplier and payment fraud, and as such should be managed and protected as one of your greatest assets.

The webinar provided attendees with strategies and tools to help protect the enterprise from vendor fraud and regulatory fines. We also provided a series of supplier validation standards, references, and resources that you can immediately leverage and implement. This was also one of the only webinars to provide specific supplier coding standards along with a detailed listing of references and tools that can be used to help you identify fraudulent suppliers.

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