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Detox Your Vendor Master File Process

How to Sanitize & Stabilize your VMF Process

Jon Casher, President of Casher Associates and Josh Morrison, 20-year veteran of an industry leading F200 shared service environment, will discuss The Three Pillars of achieving a best-in-class Vendor Master File process. They will explain why the VMF is so critical to stakeholders throughout the entire organization as well as to its value chain partners. Our Thought Leaders will provide an actionable framework from which business owners can drive an effective and efficient VMF detox and how to then create a sanitary environment to avoid errors, data erosion, and missing information. Information provided in this session builds upon our last webinar, Secrets You Need to Know about Your Vendor Master, and provides the prerequisites needed to begin to achieve an optimal VMF program.


In this 60 minute presentation you will learn:

  • Why your VMF is so critical and how it can be strategically leveraged within your organization
  • How to perform a superior VMF detox, including best practices in cleansing data, preventing errors and bad data, and gaining a better understanding of your suppliers
  • Ways you can use your VMF to protect against fraud and mitigate risk
  • How to create a real VMF compliance program to assure proper controls, segregation of duties, accountability and governance

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