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Tammie Norman
AP/P2P Expert
ICF International

Companies have invested vast resources into implementing complex corporate ERP and finance systems in an effort to maintain transactional excellence and accurate vendor master data.

Tammie Norman is the Director of Transactional Accounting at ICF International; she is a recognized expert in the P2P field where she has fashioned her career as a change agent responsible for building and optimizing business units centered around various P2P functions. She is a well known and highly-respected contributor to educational workshops, panel discussions, webinars and more. Prior to her current role Tammie was the Director of Accounts Payable at a Global Media Giant in the Fortune 500. Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Ms. Norman and ask her 10 questions about her experience working with Lavante in a major Supplier Information Management (SIM) deployment. This interview is one of many in an ongoing series to gain customer feedback on Lavante SIM.

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