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Building a World Class Supplier Management Program

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Building a World Class Supplier Management Program

Join us to see The Institute of Financial Operations and Lavante have the unique opportunity to sit down with Tammie Norman, Director of Transactional Accounting at ICF International, who will navigate us through her journey in having successfully created a sustainable and scalable Supplier Management program in her previous role at a Fortune 500 company.  Today Tammie is working to meet a new set of challenges, to bring these same successes to her new organization.

Narrated by Lavante’s own subject matter expert Josh Morrison, this session will take listeners through the entire process of creating a world class Supplier Management program; developing a strong business case, creating stakeholder alignment, defining critical success factors, addressing areas for risk and process improvement, and identifying pitfalls and barriers throughout the process.  Tammie will explain not only what went well and what did not, but she will also talk about her new environment and the unique challenges she is now facing.

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