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7 Myths of Statement Auditing

Developed over the last fifteen years, Lavante Recovery™ works as an extension of the client’s AP department to collect
supplier statements and aged trial balances, verify potential credits, identify vendor hierarchies and update vendor master
data. Through this unique process clients gain visibility into vendor records and company structures that help strengthen
vendor relationships, while reconciling and recovering lost profits.

At its core the Lavante Recovery™ solution delivers an in-depth and automated review of supplier statements that is
performed to such an advanced degree (and with so many value-adds) that it transcends the value of traditional statement
auditing (for example – think of the current expectations you have for your “phone” in 2015 versus the model you owned in

This document has been constructed to address the gap that exists between the traditional perceptions of a typical statement
audit and the true value of an automated supplier statement review delivered through the Lavante Recovery™ application.
In the next section – The Seven Myths of Statement Auditing – we will explore seven common misconceptions about statement
auditing and what to expect from statement audit.  

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