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3 Best Bets for Leveraging your Supplier Data

Would you bet on your supplier data quality?  Most people wouldn’t.  Download this webinar to find out the 3 best bets to make when it comes to your supplier data.

In a 2014 Deloitte survey of 239 chief procurement officers and directors from 25 countries, 67% of respondents stated that poor supplier data quality was a key barrier to implementing systems. In another recent study by Procurement Leaders, 95% of procurement professionals identified supplier data quality as extremely important or crucial to achieving procurement objectives.

Regardless of what report you read, the conclusion is the same; supplier data quality is critical to the success and health of your organization. Truly, supplier data is the foundation of your entire P2P effort.

Download this webinar and put the odds in your favor by finding out which levers to pull in order to achieve a comprehensive SIM process.

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