2015 has been a dynamic year of growth for Lavante!  We have been fortunate to see a lot of progress on many different fronts.  Today we have posted a press release reflecting our successes over the last twelve months as well as a “Year in Review”  document (at right) recounting a month by month walk though of our major milestones.

As a company we feel very fortunate to engage in work that we enjoy with clients that we genuinely like.  In today’s news story we used a quote from a long time client Tina McGlasson from Omnicare where she relayed the following sentiments, “Lavante is different; they are a true partner.”  Hearing our clients make these types of comments on such a consistent basis is part of what makes working at Lavante so very rewarding.

Our entire organization is proud of our success, but more than that we are very thankful to have this unique opportunity to be excelling in a growing market.  In the last year, we have achieved record growth in revenue and client acquisition for our SIM product line while at the same time growing the sales team and the management team and winning two separate technology innovation awards for Lavante SIM from highly recognized and respected analyst organizations.

On the technology front we announced four major product releases, extended our international support to include 110 countries and 15 languages while supporting over 40,000 client end-users.  All the while maintaining our SOC1 Type2 and Soc2 Type 2 compliance  – making us the only firm in the SIM space to maintain both certifications.

Yes, 2015 has been a great year, but as mentioned before it isn’t simply because of the accomplishments and awards.  2015 has been a great year because of the people – the co-workers and the clients.  It’s true that success is a great reward, but it is also true that working with people you both like and respect is a gift.

Thank you to every person that played a role in making 2015 such a fantastic year and we look forward to doing it all over again in 2016!