A huge thank you to Henry Ijams and the entire staff of PayStream Advisors for hosting such a fantastic P2P Summit last week at the InterContinental Hotel in New Orleans’ French Quarter!

For those that do not know, PayStream Advisors is one of the premier providers (in the P2P space) of trusted research, in-depth consulting, and unparalleled educational content.  Lavante was honored at their show last week to receive our second Innovation Award in four years!  The pool of contenders spans the entire P2P ecosystem and winning this award is both a wonderful accomplishment and an incredible honor that we do not take lightly.  A quick glance at some of the past winners will tell you all you need to know about the prestige of the Paystream awards.

To set ourselves apart from the pack we have followed a couple very simple mottos…  “Never Stop Innovating” and “Listen to Customers!”   We take these two tenants very seriously and we are committed to working tirelessly for our clients.  In return, we have great client relationships that give us as much or more than we give them – and that is how we can consistently win these accolades.

Looking back over the last few Lavante press releases I see a pattern of very strong and strategic quarterly product releases… and if you read those new stories closely you’ll see that our clients are often quoted as saying they have “partnered” with Lavante to address their specific problems and to create strong solutions.  George Linville of PayStream Advisors saw some of that in his evaluation of the SIM market and had this to add, “The Lavante Connect platform and SIM application modules stand out in the field with a configurable and modular design that allows clients to rapidly deploy a robust, scalable and integrated solution.”

For years we have admired the consistent and meaningful work that PayStream does to help propel the Purchase-to-Pay space.  We believe strongly in our vision to enable P2P professionals to manage their suppliers to the highest possible standard and we are honored that PayStream has once again recognized our efforts.

While onsite in New Orleans we were also delighted to spend very quality time with some existing and future clients.  In addition to the Awards Luncheon – the best part of the summit for me was getting to co-host an educational session with my colleague and friend Tammie Norman, Director of Transactional Accounting at ICF International.  In truth I only introduced Tammie – she is more than capable of making her own presentations.   This particular session provided expert perspective from Tammie on her experiences working with the Lavante Connect platform and the Lavante SIM solution while she was the Director of Accounts Payable at Discovery Communications.  The presentation was a tour de force and several attendees came up to me afterward to comment that after seeing Tammie’s presentation they were not surprised that Lavante won the Excellence Award.

It’s moments like this that help to add a little perspective.  Last week was wonderful.  I got a chance to spend some quality time with a few of my remote co-workers and that is always nice; we were able to take a couple brilliant clients out in a beautiful city; we were recognized for our industry-leading technology by a premier Analyst firm and we were supported in full view by a very happy and satisfied customer.

It’s weeks like this that make it all worthwhile and I would like to just take a minute to be thankful and to enjoy how sweet work can be when you do it correctly and when you treat people right.