On Wednesday, we released a straight forward news story about our Q1 success: Recovery Audit Technology Leader Lavante Continues Record Growth. The story reported that we are growing quickly and that we are moving to a new larger facilty in San Jose.  The story was very direct and did not elaborate on too many details.   I was suprised by a volume of incoming emails and calls asking for more details.  On Wednesday alone I heard from three clients and three reporter/analysts.  More emails and calls continue to make there way in…

I’d like to elaborate a little bit more on the story for the Lavante watchers in the audience.   Our new grade A facility is in the Santa Teresa area of San Jose and the property manger tells me it is over 26,000 square feet!  I do not want to risk a blister trying to walk through and measure it myself.  We plan to have our entire operation moved over in a couple months, but we are in the middle of three major trade events in the next month and we are rolling out a brand new product in three weeks so some of us are having a hard time packing our boxes.  (uh-oh… more phone call and emails from that “new product” teaser I am sure)

Regarding new business… how do I put this?  As the articles inicates, Q1 was a record quarter, but we’ve nearly already beat it in April alone.  Yes you read that correctly.  Clients are closing more quickly and they are growing larger in size…  In 2010 we have begun workng with three of the largest private companies in the U.S. and our new public clients are averaging a Fortune rating of F297.

I hope that answers any questions, but I am always available to discuss further.