We are very proud today to announce our partnership with Taulia.  In a move that has been gaining momentum for quite some time, we have joined forces with the industry’s leading provider of supplier financing solutions to create a joint offering that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.  By combining the vast business intelligence of the Lavante Supplier Network, built on the Lavante Connect platform, with Taulia’s industry-leading e-invoicing and supplier financing solutions, organizations will maximize supplier participation of their supply chain financing program and realize a subsequent increase in their bottom line.

Above and beyond the increase in supplier adoption and profits, buying organizations utilizing the Lavante/Taulia offering will enjoy new visibility into supplier health score-carding and campaign management to help make more informed decisions about their supply chain partners. Suppliers will enjoy powerful new tools to help monitor their standing with clients and to negotiate accounts receivable strategies that maximize their cash flow while making them a better business partner.

This announcement comes only two weeks after a fairly incisive review of Taulia by Jason Busch of SpendMatters where he reported out on the company’s strong growth from the last several quarters.  In the coverage, Busch offered that Taulia appeared to be “coming out of a prolonged ‘quiet period’ in which it did not release much news on customers, products, adoption, etc.”  While he found it useful to understand that the business was healthy he was still very openly interested to understand “adoption trends among suppliers,” “on-boarding strategies” as well as many other strategies.

Without a doubt, the Lavante and Taulia partnership serves as an important element in the Taulia strategy for driving more participation from suppliers.  As Joe Flynn, our Founder and Chief Strategy Officer points out “With Lavante, clients turn every supplier into an active partner and with Taulia, they turn every invoice into a revenue opportunity.”  The sentiment is echoed by Taulia’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Markus Ament, “This partnership will drive a magnitude increase in ROI for Taulia clients that leverage the Lavante platform.”

From the Lavante perspective, the Taulia partnership is a fantastic development – of course we are excited to layer in yet, another valuable offering for our client base to benefit from.  More than that we feel this partnership further proves our core premise for all providers in the P2P ecosystem: “Quality Data is the Foundation of the P2P Process.”  As much as Taulia is the Industry Leader, their value only improves when boosted by the high supplier participation levels and data quality that Lavante can provide.

To promote the new partnership and joint offering, Lavante will join Taulia next week, February 22-24, as a sponsor at Taulia’s fourth annual customer conference, Taulia Connect, held at Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, CA to discuss and demonstrate the new combined solutions.  Flynn will be joining Ament on stage to discuss innovations in the financial supply chain and the future of value for suppliers.

Beyond the show next week, Flynn & Ament will be staging a digital road show addressing multiple industry analysts throughout March, capping off the month with an in-depth webinar on March 23rd further demonstrating the joint value prop of the combined Lavante & Taulia solution.