San Jose, CA – March 24, 2015 – Lavante Inc., the leading provider of Cloud-based supplier management and profit recovery solutions for Fortune 1000, announced today its plans to deliver an expansive thought leadership series through the end of 2015.  Lavante will be partnering with several industry experts to publish a sequence of informational white papers, host a series of webinars and present several live educational sessions at various industry trade shows including several featured speaking engagements at the Institute of Financial Operations’ (IFO) annual Fusion Conference being held May 11-14, 2015 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Throughout the series, Lavante will be partnering with an all-star cast of industry experts including Mary Schaeffer – Managing Director – AP Now and Tomorrow;  Pam Miller – Education Director and Editor AP Publications – IOFM; Josh Morrison – Former Sr. Manager of AP and Strategic Sourcing – C&S Wholesale Grocers; Tammie Norman – Former Director of Accounts Payable – Discovery Communications; Jon Casher – President – Casher Associates, Inc.; Chris Doxey, Owner of Doxey Inc.; and Joe Flynn – Founder and CSO – Lavante, Inc. Lavante and its educational partners have worked closely with the IFO on the library of material to be presented throughout the series and will award CPE credits for attendance at all events.

The Thought Leadership series kicks off with a webinar on March 26th entitled “Secrets You Need to Know About your Vendor Master File.”  This initial webinar speaks directly to the foundational importance of master vendor file data while setting the stage for the first wave of events which will occur through the end of June.  Lavante’s goal in this first wave is to educate the marketplace on the critical benefits of managing supplier information to the highest possible standard.

Beyond the spring curriculum, Lavante will continue the thought leadership series through the fall and winter, exploring the many facets of supplier sourcing as well as the evolving benefits of the post audit recovery process.  Lavante’s goal throughout the series is to equip professionals throughout the P2P process with best practices so that they will more easily accomplish day to day tasks while assuming an increasingly strategic role within the larger business organization.

Spring Event Summary

  • Lavante Webinar, March 26, 11 a.m. PST – “Secrets You Need to Know About your Vendor Master File.”  20 year veteran of an industry leading F200 shared service environment, Josh Morrison and Joe Flynn will walk you through the true value of your vendor master file and how your company can more effectively leverage your master vendor data.
  • Lavante Webinar, April 23, 11 a.m. PST – “Detox Your Vendor File.”  Jon Casher and Josh Morrison outline that much of the data and records residing in your vendor file are unnecessary and even damaging to your ability to complete your daily tasks and hit your strategic goals.  Lavante will walk you through the necessary steps to detox your vendor file.
  • IFO Fusion 2015 Presentation, May 13, 2015, 11 a.m. EST  – “What You Absolutely Must Know About Your Vendor Master File” Onsite at IFO Fusion, Tammie Norman and Joe Flynn discuss how the vendor file is a valuable asset that can be leveraged to save money, save time, avoid fraud, achieve compliance and accomplish more of your corporate goals.
  • Lavante Webinar, June 23, 2015 11 a.m. PST –  “How to Take Your Vendor File to the NEXT LEVEL”  Josh Morrison and Jon Casher walk through the six indispensable steps of the ideal master vendor file.  Learn what it takes to be among the industry’s best of breed.


Ken Brown – CEO, The Institute of Financial Operations: “IFO is excited to be working with Lavante on the development of their 2015 Thought Leadership Series.  The curriculum they are delivering over the course of the year will educate the financial operations community on generating and delivering more value back to the larger corporation.”

Mary Schaeffer – CEO, AP Now and Tomorrow: “Now more than ever we are seeing how AP personnel are only as effective as the quality of their data.  I am excited to work with Lavante to bring real solutions for dramatically improving vendor file data.”

Josh Morrison – Senior Solution Consultant, Lavante  (Former Senior Manager of Accounts Payable & Strategic Sourcing, C&S Wholesale Grocers): “The Vendor Master File is the backbone of effectively managing supplier relationships and is the cornerstone of all downstream Purchasing and Payables transactions.”

About Lavante

Lavante is the leading provider of Cloud-based supplier management solutions for Fortune 1000 Companies. Our mission is to connect businesses with their suppliers while adding value to both by automating and improving the quality, accuracy and cost effectiveness of business interactions. For businesses our software and services help drive dollars to the bottom-line by ensuring quality of supplier data and automation of supplier onboarding and management, including burdensome tax and compliance requirements. For suppliers, we simplify the process of delivering value to clients and improve customer satisfaction, the ability to win new accounts, and profit.