Streams of dataUsers on the SAP Financial module have an extra reason to smile this Thursday. Lavante and Winshuttle are teaming up to present a new webinar outlining our combined solution that automates a stream of recovered dollars back to your bottom line. On the webinar we will walk through a Fortune 500 example demonstrating how our solution was able to automate an otherwise impossible link from thousands of supplier AR records back to our client’s AP department.

For years Lavante has been unique in its ability to seamlessly communicate with an unprecedented number of suppliers to request and successfully obtain massive volumes of supplier AR records. Our on-demand software solution has always been able to process these high volumes of data and to validate potential credits against the clients’ records, all while securing signed approval and managing the supporting docs from suppliers. The only time our clients needed to get involved was in devising a way to pass the data back and forth.

Anyone who has ever worked with data or databases and has navigated IT’s tight schedules knows how daunting this process can be. With the Winshuttle Lavante solution, however, SAP users have access to a streamlined, integrated process. By using a simple desktop application the work involved is reduced to a few clicks of the mouse.

If you are an SAP user or simply want to learn more about this integration process, please join us Thursday, June 23 at 9am and discover how simple the process can be. Click here to register online.