Requesting, collecting and managing the expiration of insurance certificates is an important process for any organization.

Most corporate risk departments today require a current insurance certificate be on file before any work is performed by a supplier whether that supplier is a contractors, subcontractors, tenant, or material vendor.

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Automate Requesting and Collecting Certificates of Insurance

It goes without saying that Certificates of Insurance are critical to ensure an organization does not face an unexpected liability due to the negligence of an uninsured or under-insured third party however many of us do not have adequate controls to our certificate collection processes.

Lavante SIM has the ability to request up to date Insurance certificates from all of your suppliers. The application will automatically store the documentation that are collected and provide for automated work flow to follow up with suppliers when the Insurance certificate has expired.

Click HERE to download a white paper written by the Institute of Financial Management on Best Practices for Supplier Management.

If you would like to test drive the Lavante Supplier Information Management application access is simple, just click HERE