Bill Dempsey, Director of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing – Miller Coors, opened up the 2010 NAPP conference in Marina DelRey with a great Keynote address talking about some strategic efforts currently underway at MillerCoors.

In addition to providing some great insights into the synergies that were achieved with the merger of Miller and Molsen Coors, Dempsey outlined the 5 areas of improvement that are currently underway in the P2P related departments at Miller Coors.

The presentation also gave great insights  as to how MillerCoors has been able to look at their procurement department in 3 major categories: Strategic Sourcing, Supply Management and Operational Procurement.

Dempsey also led an insightful discussion related to the challenges of today’s procurement leaders who have to communicate the savings they provide their companies. In many cases the efforts of the Procurement departments can be seen directly in the bottom line and in other cases the savings are identified in the budgeting process and do not really show up in a ledger.

It is clear that MillerCoors is on a path to have their Procurement department function as a collaborative partner with their finance department.