Last week, Lavante’s CEO, Joe Flynn, was honored by the Irish Technology Leaders Group (ITLG). It is a well-deserved honor for him as both a technology innovator and as a proud descendant of the Emerald Isle. Both of Joe’s grandparents took boat rides across the Atlantic and settled in Newark NJ in the 1920’s. Although the pair grew up only 20 miles away from each other it took an overseas voyage and a neighborhood dance for them to finally meet. Joe’s grandparents were certainly innovators for their time and they were fearless. Their business, a parking lot and body shop combo, started as a large patch of asphalt. The first structure that they ever built on that property was comprised of an upside down barge serving as a roof over hand-laid cinderblock walls. The design, which housed up to 14 cars, was of their own creation and utilized materials that were available and affordable.

The same innovation and fearlessness that was present in Joe’s Irish ancestors are apparent in him today. Joe’s achievements in technology are a simple matter of identifying an opportunity and being undaunted in the pursuit of his goals. Joe grew up in the recovery audit industry and recognized a massive opportunity for large corporations to recover credits that are sitting unrecognized at their suppliers. He also realized that the manual processes used in traditional recovery audits were not going to scale to support an ongoing, full-scale review of supplier AR records, leaving a significant percentage of these dollars undiscovered. Joe founded Lavante (originally Audit Solutions) in 2001 with the vision to build the processes, technology and applications to help companies find these untapped dollars and drive them to their bottom line. From Joe’s original vision, Lavante has grown to not only a well-respected solution but one that has fundamentally changed the recovery industry, with solutions that help Fortune 1000 companies across industries find more dollars, with near immediate results.

Joe was just one worthy recipient in the ITLG ceremony, surrounded by a many others who have all descended down from a proud and hard working culture. Lavante thanks the ITLG for creating this award, for shining a well-deserved spotlight on Irish and Irish-American leaders, and for recognizing our fearless leader Joe.