There is a wonderful story behind IAPP/TAWPI’s Master’s Sessions at FUSION2010…

In addition to record attendance, five guided service provider tours and a blockbuster announcement about the merging of IAPP/IARP & TAWPI, FUSION 2010 also saw the introduction of a brand new track specifically designed for CFO, Controllers and Directors in Shared Services.

The track was conceived almost a year prior to FUSION 2010 and required the successful alignment of many moving pieces.  IAPP’s annual conference has long been considered an event for AP professionals, managers and supervisors.  To its credit the yearly networking and educational bazaar has become the premier event for all things AP and has consistently delivered payables professionals the necessary tools needed to keep up with best practices and excel at their roles.  Unfortunately the event did very little to help dispel that silly little question that has been plaguing AP pros for years, “what’s so difficult about AP?  It’s just paying bills, right?”

Expanding on the years “FUSION” theme the Master Session aimed to create a track that would speak to the combined Master’s audience and planned to placed much emphasis on Shared Services topics with a consistent focus on Accounts Payable themes.   If done correctly the track was intended to discuss AP issues at a level which would be relevant to both the CFO, the AP Manager and all stops in between.

A task force of service providers and financial professionals was assembled and after months of much hard and many iterations the group finally delivered an all-day session consisting of five panels comprised of 4-5 experts.  Topics included:

  • The Top Ten Best Practices of Shared Services
  • The Changing Role of AP and AR
  • Metrics and Benchmarking in Accounts Payable & Shared Services
  • Compliance Management
  • Selecting the Proper Service Delivery Model for your Department

 (check back for part 2)