The topic of Automation of Vendor File Management is back in the spotlight in the Lavante Webinar Series.

The next webinar event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12th.

We will be presenting the curriculum twice to accommodate busy schedules.

If you would like to attend there is still space available

8am PT

11am PT

The webinar will be a conversation between Lavante CEO, Joe Flynn and AP Now & Tomorrow’s CEO, Mary Schaeffer.

Mary Schaeffer is a recognized thought leader in AP. She is the creator of IFO’s Innovation Certificate Program, a member of the IFO’s Education Committee and gives several sessions every year at the IFO annual Fusion trade show.

Mary publishes a weekly Ezine that we recommend to all of our readers. For more information you can sign up HERE

Here is an exerpt from Mary’s bio located on her site HERE

Mary S. Schaeffer

Editorial Director & Publisher

CRYSTALLUS, Inc. publisher of several accounts payable periodicals

  • Nationally recognized accounts payable expert and consultant
  • Frequent speaker at seminars, conferences and online events
  • Editor-at-Large CFO Publishing’s Learning Pro: AP Edition
  • Regular contributor to the AICPA’s Corporate Finance Insider
  • Publisher and editorial director of the Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow monthly newsletter
  • Creator of Institute of Financial Operations Accounts Payable Innovation Certificate program
  • Writes a free weekly e-zine, e-AP News
  • Author more than 15 business books including the Controller & CFO’s Guide to Accounts Payable and Fraud in Accounts Payable: How to Prevent It (See full list below)
  • M.B.A. Finance, NYU; B.S. Math, York College

Books by Mary S. Schaeffer

  • Do-It-Yourself Accounts Payable Consultant Handbook first, second and third editions (CRYSTALLUS, Inc. 2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Fraud in Accounts Payable: How to Prevent It (John Wiley & Sons September 2008)
  • New Payment World: A Manager’s Guide to Creating an Efficient Payment Process (John Wiley & Sons 2007)
  • Travel and Entertainment Best Practices (John Wiley & Sons 2007)
  • Controller and CFO’s Guide to Accounts Payable (John Wiley & Sons 2006)
  • Accounts Payable and Sarbanes-Oxley: Strengthening Your Internal Controls (John Wiley & Sons 2006)
  • The Future of Accounts Payable (CRYSTALLUS, Inc. 2006)
  • Accounts Payable: A Guide to Running an Efficient Department First edition, Second edition and Supplements (John Wiley & Sons, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002 , 2003, 2004)
  • Accounts Payable Best Practices (John Wiley & Sons 2004)
  • Essentials of Accounts Payable (John Wiley & Sons 2002)
  • Essentials of Credit, Collections and Accounts Receivable (John Wiley & Sons 2003)
  • International Credit and Collections (John Wiley & Sons 1999)
  • Understanding Interest Rate Swaps (McGraw Hill 1994)
  • Your Dream Vacation Home (McGraw Hill 1992)
  • Triumph Over Tragedy (with John Duffy, John Wiley & Sons 2002)


Mary Schaeffer has the inimitable ability to find accounts-payable-related solutions that really work—without making a major dent in the bottom line. Armed with a degree in math and a graduate degree in finance, she takes a “roll up your sleeves and dig into the details” approach to finding solutions to those problems that cause migraines for CFOs, controllers, and managers.

Fifteen years spent researching and writing about payment issues gives Mary Schaeffer a unique vantage point. Combine that with an almost equal amount of time spent in the corporate trenches of several large finance and treasury departments and you’ll see why she’s become known as America’s leading accounts payable expert.

A wide variety of institutions have taken advantage of her unique expertise: John Wiley & Sons has published over a dozen of her books; CRYSTALLUS, Inc. ( relies on her know-how to direct its professional publication, training, and consulting business; and the AICPA features her articles in its Corporate Finance Insider. Let’s not overlook the long list of organizations that have turned to her for best practice guidance of their accounts payable function and training of their accounts payable staff.

Ms. Schaeffer has a BS in Mathematics from York College (CUNY) and a MBA in Finance from New York University. She can be reached at