Accounts payable best practices are closer than you think.  Recently I was asked to help review a handful of workshop presentations that are going to presented at an upcoming association event.  I am not exactly an expert like the folks that submitted the presentations, but I could be counted on the make sure the proper format was being used and I spotted a couple typos along the way.  In my review I was struck by the high quality of material that was submitted (and will be presented).  My sample of presentations covered avoiding fraud; enterprise software upgrades, p-card programs, profit recovery auditing, staff development, among a few other items.

A thought occurred… it is very common for associations to sponsor events where a large volume of workshops are presented for pure peer-to-peer education purposes.  Sadly these presentations are one-time events, but the value they present is relevant for many months or years beyond the show at which they are featured.  I think folks in the AP field that are looking for answers and resources to help solve business problems can  rely on large associations.  Any person looking for material need only call into their preferred association and ask for the person that oversees education for the association and you will likely be connected with the person that oversees workshops, panel discussions and presentations.  That person will be connected to a number of professionals with very insightful things to say about nearly unlimited business issues.  In addition, that person will also know what the feedback is like about the speakers and can point you in the right direction.

Even if you do not attend national or regional events and you have not been exposed to peer-to-peer educational seminars you are still only a couple phone calls away from someone who has not only accomplished what you are attempting to do at work, they have become an expert on the subject and they are now trying to educate others.    Just remember that when you become the expert to return the favor.