The Lavante Elves have been hard at work constructing world class educational content throughout the entire year.  We thought this holiday season was a good time to look back over the work they’ve done in 2015 and send one last holiday gift to everyone on the “nice” list – and everyone on the “naughty” list as well.

Please find a list of our most highly downloaded and reviewed items of 2015 below.  Read through the material and feel free to unwrap anything you find or to re-gift anything you think your colleagues might like.  We don’t mind!!!

Webinars (no forms to fill out)

1) Webinar: “What is a Supplier Portal Anyway? – Industry Guru Mary Schaeffer and resident Lavante expert Josh Morrison shed much needed light on the industry’s swirling “supplier portal” discussion.   Have you ever found yourself asking “what is a supplier portal anyway?” Then watch this recorded webinar.

2) Webinar: “Expert Advice for Reducing Risk in Your P2P Environment” – In our most controversial webinar of the year Josh Morrison and Chris Doxey drill deeply into P2P industry’s very own version of the “F” word – “Fraud.”

3) Webinar: “Are You Prepared? Managing Risk and Compliance Today and Tomorrow” – Our most talked about and downloaded webinar with Tax and Compliance officers.  Lavante and IOFM outline a checklist for compliance that you will not want to miss.

4) Webinar: “Building a World Class Supplier Management Program” – One of the most knowledgeable (and certainly one of the most entertaining) experts in the P2P space, Tammie Norman delivers a master class on how to create a world-class supplier management program – regardless of where you are starting from.

Documents (no forms to fill out)

1) White Paper: “Are You Prepared: Managing Risk and Compliance Today and Tomorrow”  – This Lavante and IOFM white paper offers up a checklist for compliance that will educate you and get you thinking about compliance in new and necessary ways.

2) Lavante White Paper:  “3 Pillars of Vendor File Management”  – A document that was often copied, but never matched for insight or quality in 2015.  Read this groundbreaking white paper penned by industry expert Josh Morrison about the three most vital steps for managing your vendor master file and optimizing the value of your supplier information.

3) Lavante:  “Year in Review” – Enjoying the most successful year of its existence, Lavante created this month by month review of 2015 outlining every mentionable moment and milestone along the way.  This one-pager set the record for our highest ever number of downloads.  Find out why.

4) Q&A with Tammie Norman  – Tammie is a recognized expert in the P2P space where she has fashioned her career as a change agent working for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.  In this document Tammie answers 10 questions outlining her experience working with Lavante in a major SIM deployment.  Wanna know what it is like to work with Lavante?…  what it’s really like?  Follow this link and find out.