Recovery Auditing Misconception #4:   I don’t have the time or resources to support this process

The Short Answer:

It takes very little of your time or resources to support a Lavante recovery audit.  All you need do is send a basic vendor file and dedicate one employee for typically an hour per week.

How is this possible?

To begin an audit: Lavante can get started working from a data file that in many instances requires less than an hour for clients to generate. AP typically can create the data file Lavante needs and client IT does not need to get involved.  This is all that’s required for a full recovery audit.

To support an ongoing audit: Clients working with Lavante typically require less than one hour per week to receive and upload verified claims and vendor file updates into their system. No onsite Lavante personnel are ever needed to support the effort.

Clients who wish to save additional time can work with their Lavante Account Manager to integrate claims directly into their ERP system.  Lavante will automatically match claims against an internal credit listing, thus pre-checking the credits and enabling clients to upload credits directly as ledger entries with no manual intervention.

Lavante InSight

For companies concerned about the time commitment or skeptical of the potential benefits of performing a recovery audit, Lavante offers a way for clients to test and sample the service before fully engaging.

Lavante InSight™ gives you a view of the recovery audit you might have. It generates an estimate of the likely cash recoveries and vendor updates you will receive if you choose to engage in a Lavante Strategic Recovery audit. Utilizing your master vendor file, InSight leverages Lavante’s extensive database of historical audit detail, a proprietary, on-demand software application and our Supplier Network of over two million companies to develop a comprehensive vendor and recovery analysis. InSight previews potential cash recoveries, duplicate and related vendors, recovery projections over time, vendor updates, and more.