Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I always enjoy this holiday.  I love that everyone wears green and speaks openly about leaving work early to make it to happy hour on time.

Today has been a fantastic and festive day and was capped off about 20 minutes ago when I received an unexpected call from a client of mine .  Let’s call him “Don,” he is a Shared Services Director for a F500 manufacturer.  Don called out of the blue to say hello, to wish me a happy St. Patty’s day (one Irishman to another) and to pass along a thought that had to occurred to him last week.   I have to warn you this is reeeeally corny, but flattering at the same time.  If you have a low tolerance for corniness… do not read any further.

Don suggested that Lavante should run a St Patty’s day promotion.  He has been using our profit recovery software for over two years and by his own account it is more effective than any other profit recovery solution he has ever used, and he claims to have “used them all.”  (by our metrics we have delivered over 3 1/2 times  his previous provider – on an annual basis)  His point is that we deliver a “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow. (corny but true)  His analogy  included a bit about our logo having all the colors of the rainbow…  I’ll spare you any more details than that.  I was so touched that he called out of the blue to say hello, to ask about my daughter and to compliment Lavante.  Put yourself in my shoes…  this is a great feeling.  I have worked my tail off for this customer and he makes it worth the effort.

I love when customers feel this way!! and I love when the work relationship really works.  Don thinks that he has a “pot of gold” because our profit recovery totals are high.  I think I have the “pot of gold” because I have customers like him.

Thanks again buddy….