Last week marked an exciting moment for Lavante when we announced our SAS 70 Type II certification, continuing our forward momentum in developing and applying technology advances that benefit our customers. Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70, commonly abbreviated as SAS 70, is an auditing standard issued by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Our SAS 70 certification began with identifying 27 key controls related to our software development and data access security processes. Those controls were then evaluated and tested by a third party audit firm over a period of six months to ensure sustained performance. We are proud to have passed these tests and achieve the certification.

Our commitment to going through this long and rather arduous process came directly from our customer. After listening to their concerns around data security and SaaS applications we felt it was a necessary step to take in order to assure them that we had the highest level of security for all data.

But the impact of this certification extends beyond our customers, out to the industry as a whole. There are two different ways for a company to demonstrate SAS 70 compliance – the first is to use a SAS 70-compliant data hosting center, the second is to certify internal controls and development processes.

While other service providers in our industry have relied on only the first type, using SAS 70-compliant data centers, we clearly heard from our customers that this just wasn’t good enough. They wanted further assurance that development controls were in place on all internal processes, validated through a third party, as SAS 70 does.

To fully answer these requirements, we not only met the data center SAS 70 requirement, but extended this to cover the critical internal part of the equation. I predict that other service providers in our industry will now go down this same road, and adopt similar certification of internal process controls. This will be have a positive impact on our industry, by providing customers with further peace of mind and assurances that their data is secure.

In the end, I firmly believe that the future of our industry will flow directly through technology, providing intuitive applications that empower and enable people and companies to do more with less. As Lavante has demonstrated, most recently with our statement audit patent approval, that we will continue to lead the way in innovation and deploying technology that provides the highest levels of security to our customers.

Please add your comments here about what you think are them most critical concerns around data security and SAS 70 certification.