Lennox Industries Selects Lavante RecoveryEarlier this month we announced the addition of a new Lavante Recovery™ customer, Lennox Industries.  I’d like to share with you some of the compelling reasons why they chose our solution over other traditional, manual services.  Not only do these reflect what I see as the key strengths of our technology-driven recovery solution, but they underscore what we continue to hear other companies describe as critical needs in the recovery audit industry.

Lennox selected Lavante, in part, because of our ability to deliver: comprehensive statement audit process;  patented, SaaS technology allowing seamless access to all results through a web-based portal;  speed and ease of deployment which delivers fast, continuous results, and; vendor file management and data cleansing as part of the recovery process.

Lavante’s patented SaaS technology continues to drive a differentiated offering for companies looking to maximize recovery dollars.  Because of our automated processes, Lavante Recovery is able to reach out across the breadth of a company’s supplier base vs. a small sampling which manual process-based services are limited to.  Our web-based portal also provides our users with seamless access to real-time reports and a view of every aspect of the recovery process.

The speed and ease of deployment are other important criteria to Lavante customers.  Our solution does not  require on-site personnel nor extensive, complex data collection procedures, making it fast and easy to deploy.   And in today’s business environment, where companies are forced to take on more and more task with fewer resources, our customers recognize that Lavante Recovery deployment has minimal impact on both AP and IT staff.

Another important feature noted in this announcement is the inclusion of vendor file management and data cleansing as part of the entire recovery process.  Our outreach to the majority of suppliers combined with over 2  million suppliers in the Lavante Supplier Network means that we update and cleanse your vendor contacts, which also helps to identify potential duplicate vendors.

We are excited to be working with Lennox Industries, a leading provider of customized home heating, cooling and indoor air quality products.   Click here to read more about this recent announcement.