Lavante receives technology excellence awards for recovery audit At last month’s PayStream Advisors Fast Track to P2P Automation Summit in Charlotte, NC, Lavante was honored to be included in the technology innovation awards which were announced at the event.  The award was in the category of Purchase to Pay Automation for Leading Recovery Audit Solution.

I see this as a strong validation of what has been the cornerstone to our approach of building and applying advanced technology to automate and streamline what were highly manual, costly and disjointed processes in AP and finance.  In this case, our patented technology and processes help AP to have in place an automated, ongoing recovery process that delivers continuous benefits, including dollars to the bottom line, dynamic reporting, and updated vendor data.

This was reinforced by Henry Ijams, Managing Director of PayStream Advisors, in the award announcement:  “Lavante’s Recovery+ solution automates a traditionally highly manual recovery audit process, providing a comprehensive, automated, and continuous recovery solution. We are proud to honor Lavante with the award in this year’s Purchase to Pay Automation category for Leading Recovery Audit Solution.”

We are pleased to be part of this prestigious awards program and to share the stage with two other technology excellence recipients, Ariba and SciQuest, as well as the Corporate award winners, Graham Packaging Company, The American Red Cross, and Kaleida Health.

To read the complete award summary, please click here, and for more information about Lavante’s excellence award please read the full press release by clicking here.