Dirty DataThe topic of “dirty data” is certainly becoming more important in the Procure-2-Pay (P2P) space. As companies look for ways to further optimize their daily transactions and drive costs from their processes it becomes apparent a key blocker in the pursuit of excellence is the prevalence of “dirty data” throughout the supplier population. Of course the phrase “dirty data” is a little open ended; a more accurate reference to the problem would be outdated (or incorrect) vendor contact data, duplicate vendors and unidentified vendor relationships. Any of these otherwise unseen elements can strain the transactional process and create oversights in the purchasing process.

This week’s webinar The Dirty Little Secrets of Dirty Data jointly presented on Tuesday the 28th by Jason Busch of Spend Matters and Lavante aims to unveil the many different ways that dirty and omitted data in your supplier population can cost you significant dollars. Jason, Senior Editor of Spend Matters, will discuss from a high level how purchasing and payment challenges bubble up as data decays overtime. Lavante will follow by looking at, in very practical terms, how supplier recoveries are linked almost entirely to the presence of bad data in the supplier population.

By viewing the webinar you will understand a little more about the risk your company faces as well as learn ways in which you can combat that risk and prevent profit leakage.

Join us at the webinar, or check back to see the recorded on-demand presentation.