AP Matters Magazine highlighted Lavante in a recent article in their September/October edition.

The Article features conversations with executives from Lavante and Ariba discussing how their firms are creating new cash flow metrics that are helping financial executive watch there bottom line a little more closely.

Joe Flynn, CEO of Lavante discussed how Lavante’s DCO metric (which measure the weighted average of days that a credit is outstanding until it is collected by an enterprise) has become an important tool for companies to maximize the cash flow associated with recovery auditing.  The article includes the following quote from Flynn, “Everyone’s saying, ‘Wow, I didn’t know you could actually track that.  There’s a whole host of line items of credits you’re not aware of out in your supplier population. It’s like your working capital trapped in your supply chain.”

The article also highlights a conversation with Peter Lugli, senior director of working capital management and business development with Ariba.  Lugli discusses the “cash conversion cycle” in depth and adds,  “There’s this renewed emphasis on the cash conversion cycle.  The CFO and controller are looking at their operations through the lens of cash flow more than they did before.”