Streams of dataLast month, Lavante teamed up with our partners at Winshuttle to offer a unique look at how our combined solution is able to automates a stream of recovered dollars back to your company’s bottom line. During the session, we focused on how our technology solutions work to streamline a company’s SAP financial recovery auditing processes, resulting in lowering transactional errors and credits with suppliers.

The webinar focused on the following:

    * Minimizing the impact and time required to access real-time SAP Financial data
    * Leveraging access into your supplier records to drive dollars back to your company’s bottom line
    * Improving the accuracy of financial data and supplier records in your ERP System
    * Using the Winshuttle/Lavante solution to self-fund the joint-installation of both technologies

Click here to see a short video with an overview of what we discussed in the session.

And, to view the webinar, please click here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the material presented.