It is hard to take one day of the year and squeeze in all of the “thanks” that we have built up over the other 364 days.  But it is nice for us to at least give it a try. 

Lavante and all of our employees have much to be thankful for through the first 11 months of 2010.  We are enjoying a string of record quarters and we are constantly building up the team with great new personnel.

As a demonstration of our appreciation we set the Turkeys loose this week!  No!  That doesn’t mean we locked our management team out of the building.  It means we bought a ton of Turkeys (nearly a ton) and gave one out to every employee that wanted one.  Of all the team building and employee recognition we’ve done, I think this got the best response.  The Pilgrims had it right – there is just something about Turkeys at Thanksgiving. 

What’s more is that we took the extras and donated them to Second Harvest Food Bank.  I was informed that we donated a couple hundred pounds of turkeys to those in need. 

I am getting used to leading our industry…  I am sure we are the fastest growing firm in our space, I strongly suspect our customer satisfaction scores rank up at the top and most assume that our recovery dollars outpace all other competitors, but I am impressed to think that we now lead the league in poultry donations.  It feels good!

Happy Turkey Day Everybody!