In my very unscientific research I have come to discover that Dynamic Discounting is all the rage, but that doesn’t exactly mean people are doing it.  During the “Changing Role of AP/AR” panel discussion at last Wednesday’s Masters Session a number of the panelists and and brave souls from the audience spoke very openly about how they are not really slaying this dragon… yet. 

When one panelist asked aloud if the room was engaging successfully in the practice only about 3 hands when up all the way…  there were one or two of those “half-up-but-not-really hands.”  I will not call anyone out but among the firms successfully using dynamic discounting were two large fortune 50 stalwarts.  Even they had to admit that they targeted vendors were of a select group and that procurement was still very much debating if they should negotiate longer terms and stay away from the early pay discounts.

Just thought I would shed a little light for those in the crowd that think they missed this train.  The conclusion:  People LOVE the idea of a successful dynamic discounting program and this topic has major buzz, but like most things… not many people can really sustain the practice and it remains in “when-I-have-time-to-get-around-to-it” limbo.

Please comment if you have plans to make this practice work internally or if you have input on the topic.  Would love to get more data on this.