If you’ve been wondering about the status of the job market for individuals with expertise in accounts payable, Indeed.com, an online search engine for jobs, has some fun charts and graphs that get at this question.

Starting with the broader field of accounting, Indeed.com shows a 10 percent uptick in postings for accounting jobs over the past year. That’s good news, although it should be noted that clicks on accounting jobs – presumably, by individuals interested in pursuing these positions – jumped by nearly one-third over the same period. In fact, the ratio of accounting job postings (125, 000) to clicks (4.3 million) was a stiff 1 to 34 as of February 2010.

Looking more specifically at accounts payable, it appears that job postings have declined slightly over the past five years. According to Indeed.com, the percent of job postings matching the term, “accounts payable,” dropped from about 1.2 percent in mid-2005 to .75 percent in January of this year.

Even so, the level of competition for all the jobs available, both in and outside accounts payable, varied considerably from one city to the next. In Washington D.C., the ratio of job openings to unemployed people was one to one. Job hunts are a little tougher in Seattle and Milwaukee, where three people are unemployed for every opening. In Detroit, things get even more precarious, with 14 people unemployed for every job that’s open.

The fastest growing job trend? That would be Twitter, the micro-blogging platform. In January, the term “Twitter” matched about .4 percent of job searches, up from zero in early 2007. Other terms among the top ten most searched were cloud computing, iPhone and Facebook.