In the December-January time frame we ran a contest asking AP professionals what was their great idea for 2010.  We were a little bit surprised by the high number of responses, but what was even more surprising was a very consistent trend throughout the responses.

2009 was a challenging year and many AP departments were forced to downsize drastically while, at the same time, finding new an more effective methods to hold onto cash and absorb the exponentially growing work load.  We kind of expected to read about new an innovative ways to outsource duties or to utilize new technology.  We also expected to see responses that outlined clever approaches to cash management.  And we did get some of that.  But what we heard above all else was a focus on people.

Hands down, staff development is the single most important concern for AP professionals based on our survey.  Some people summed it up by saying “we need to go back to basics, and empower the staff”  others pointed out that “technologies and processes are only as strong as the people pulling the levers.”  Regardless of how it was stated… it was stated.  Last year the battle cry heard round the industry was “cash is king.”  Perhaps this year’s new mantra is, “people are gold.”

Maybe you can think of a better one 😉