I wanted to take this opportunity to share some exciting news with our clients and friends.  Lavante is moving!  As of next Monday, June 28, 2010 Lavante will be expanding into a new home office at 6800 Santa Teresa Boulevard, Suite 200, San Jose, CA.   The new facility is nearly three times the size of our current location!

Although the move underscores a tremendous period of growth and success for Lavante, I am still a little nostalgic about leaving what has become my second home over the past seven years.  It is at this location where I watched Lavante blossom into the industry leader that it is today; it is at this location where I enjoyed the distinct pleasure of building a world class team of professionals; and it is from this vantage where I earned the privilege of working with  many of the valued clients and partners that are reading this note today.  Thank you.

Through our transition, please continue to expect great things from Lavante.  We are leveraging the new expansion as an opportunity to increase all of our departments including sales, marketing and engineering.  It is likely that you will see the Lavante brand more frequently in the market, and if you haven’t already… you will soon hear about our expanding product line for Supplier Information Management (SIM) services.  

I encourage all of you to take an active part in our growth.  Please ask questions about what we are up to and if you are so inclined, please offer your thoughts about how we can build better tools or how we can better serve you.  Since 2001 we have excelled because we have regarded our clients as partners, and we have always built the tools that dealt directly with their pain points and needs.  We now find ourselves in a position to listen more intently and to do more to support our partnerships.  We welcome this opportunity.

Thanks again for all that you have done to support Lavante throughout the years, and let this message serve as an open invitation to visit us at our new location at any time — to get a first-hand look at what we are up to!  


Joe Flynn, Founder and CEO, Lavante Inc.