Tomorrow I will be presenting a workshop on the use of social media in the Accounts Payable (AP) space at the Sacramento chapter of IAPP.  This is a presentation I have given several times before and I am always curious about the many mis-perceptions of the business application of social media tools.

Too often, professionals in the AP community (as well as many other communities) assume that social media sites are inhabited only by young people with nothing better to do than “tweet” about what they are having for lunch.  Although there is an element of that…  that is not the prevailing application of social media.  I have seen many incredibly powerful instances when people that would otherwise not communicate have been able to connect and collaborate over an internet connection.

As a great example of this… I have been following a fantastic string on IAPP’s LinkedIn board: please take a look.   Much like trade shows and trade association chapter meetings, social networking tools enable a dialogue between multiple people.

Please comment or contact me for any questions about the application of social tools in our industry.  This is a subject I care deeply about and something that I hink we can all benefit from.