If you think LEGOs are strictly for the sippy-cup and coloring book set, guess again. Ron McRae built a functioning ATM from LEGO bricks. According to the description on www.MOCpages.com, a website dedicated to LEGO aficionados, the machine is built completely from LEGO parts. That includes the internal systems, such as an RFID sensor, that are sold through LEGO.

McRae’s Brick Bank can accept deposits, dispense cash and make change. It also can be calibrated to accept any type of bank note, sports a functional numeric keypad, saves the customer database after each transaction and will keep the user’s ATM card if the wrong password is entered three times.

According to this video on YouTube, McRae spent four months, used 8,000 LEGOs and wrote 1,800 lines of code to build the machine. Its weight is estimated at 22 pounds.