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IAPP's annual event for AP professionals is scheduled for May 9-13 just outside of Dallas, TX.  Two months remain to register and make your plans to attend.  (Lavante will be there demonstrating solutions for profit recovery, TIN management and Vendor File Management) I am impressed with IAPP's resilience in creating this event.  It is no secret that trade [...]

Tax Identification Numbers

A questions that keeps coming up about Tax Identifications Numbers  (TIN's)  is what are to possible types of numbers that a company couls use for their official TIN?  The following answer and many others about TIN issues can be found at:,,id=98145,00.html A TIN is one of the following four numbers. A Social Security Number (SSN) [...]

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Profit Recovery Providers

In my humble opinion the Profit Recovery industry does not get enough credit (no pun) for the value they provide.  Analysts do not cover the space and most media outlets and publications glance over the topic.  Admittedly the Profit Recovery industry may not be the most exciting, but it does offer a very direct value to clients.   Assume a Profit Recovery [...]

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Benchmarking: the Brussels Sprouts of Business

I work with a professional organization in the Accounts Payable space that is currently spending a lot of time on bringing members together to network and to share ideas about best practices.  There is no shortage of people that are willing to speak about their experiences.  People are often eager to dispense anecdotal wisdom.  What is [...]

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An Introduction and Some Thoughts on Shared Service Centers

Before I get to the heart of this post, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m a business and financial writer who’s been covering the AP space, and have been working with Lavante for several months. I’m looking forward to weighing in here on a range of topics, and hearing your thoughts on the issues as well. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments. Now, onto the post: If your company is like most, management continually is hunting for ways to cut costs and streamline operations. One way a growing number of firms are doing this is by establishing shared service centers (SSCs). In fact, more than half the organizations responding to the IAPP/TAWPI 2009 Document Management Benchmark Study indicated that they either plan to combine payments and document processing functions or they already have done so, as this article points out.   […]

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ERP in and out

A theme I see coming up quite frequently is the difficulty my colleagues experience transferring data and reports in and of their ERP systems.  These large platforms add undeniable benefit to an enterprise to be sure, but often transferring data in and out can be unwieldy.  At an event last week with a number of companies that [...]

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Inter-Company Communication!

I am feeling great right now, we just had our monthly all-hands company meeting and we could not be doing better through the first two months of 2010.  We have 6 new clients with 4 more queued up for March and we have hired ten new folks across all departments, and our Profit Recovery production [...]