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Sacramento IAPP Chapter Meeting. Networkers Wanted!

A summary of the Sacramento IAPP chapter meeting on Feb. 26, 2009

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Accounts Payable Departments Using Social Media

Tomorrow I will be presenting a workshop on the use of social media in the Accounts Payable (AP) space at the Sacramento chapter of IAPP.  This is a presentation I have given several times before and I am always curious about the many mis-perceptions of the business application of social media tools. Too often, professionals in the [...]

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Lavante highlighted in “The Future” of AP Automation Article.

Fantastic edition of AP Matters Magazine arrived in the mail today.  Lavante was feature in the AP Automation article quite a bit. Here are a few of the words about us from the "Future" of automations section...   "Lavante, which operates in a paperless environment...has grown rapidly since the development of its on-demand strategic recovery portal [...]

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Taking Pride in your Organization

I was in LA early this week and at the National Association of Payables and Procurement and I gave a case study presentation with my client Ellen from Holland America Line.  Ellen and I had gone through a couple dry runs of the presentation and we were pleased with how it had come along. The information and the story were [...]

Poor Vendor Data Impacts Your Bottom Line

While it may not be obvious at first glance, your vendor files offer more than information on contacting your firm’s suppliers – they are also a resource that can be used to cut expenses and boost your firm’s bottom line. To take advantage of the opportunities to do this, however, you need accurate data that [...]

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“Days Credits Outstanding,” the New Killer Metric

DSO and DPO are common, yet important concepts in  accounting. Most companies know to measure these stats and regard them as key performance indicators. Through our work with our clients' vendors we are beginning to understand the importance of another key metric, DCO. "Days Credits Outstanding" measures the amount of time that credits are open [...]

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NAPP Presentation: Unlocking Hidden Value Levers in the P2P Process

NAPP Presentation: Unlocking Hidden Value Levers in the P2P Process. Bill Dempsey, Director of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing - Miller Coors, opened up the 2010 NAPP conference in Marina DelRey with a great Keynote address talking about some strategic efforts currently underway at MillerCoors.

Vendor File Webinar

Thoughts about thursday's webinar on leveraging you vendor file to maximize profits