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Lavante Recovery™ goes well beyond traditional statement audit services, delivering a comprehensive, automated, and continuous recovery solution that speeds more than dollars to your bottom line. Lavante’s unique approach to recovery audit uses a patented communications engine to automatically collect mass amounts of data from suppliers. Open credit information is collected and validated from the right people at the supplier. The results are summarized in a credit verification letter signed by the supplier and electronically transferred to the right person at the client organization for approval. This detailed approach, combined with an automated outreach to the client’s entire supplier base, results in the highest recovery rates in the industry and also helps to cleanse your vendor master file in the process.

Lavante Recovery™ is able to serve as a standalone service or as a complement to other recovery services by applying in-depth supplier insights to historical AP records. Lavante Recovery™ solves a range of challenges AP professionals face on a daily basis, including assuring that all available credits are recovered quickly, vendor records are always current, duplicate payments are caught, and that issues are identified through root cause analysis to prevent future payment discrepancies and profit losses.



Lavante Recovery™ Includes two comprehensive solutions that cover statement audits and duplicate payment audits:

Lavante Recovery maximizes credit recoveries


Lavante Recovery for Statement Audits Adds Value

Lavante Recovery™ enables companies to maximize vendor statement audit recoveries while gaining new supplier insights across 95% of spend. Where traditional, manual audit services stop at the top 10-20% of a company’s vendor list, Lavante benchmark data shows that the lower 80% of our client’s annual spend volume suppliers presents over 61% of the recovery opportunities. With Lavante’s automated process, we can easily maximize credit recoveries by reaching across the breadth of your company’s supplier base to deliver the highest volume of recoveries.


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Lavante Recovery™ for Duplicate Payment 

Lavante is uniquely able to automatically leverage the statement auditing output to enhance the results of duplicate payment efforts. Where other firms rely on a traditional set of search algorithms to identify credit opportunities in the duplicate payment phase, Lavante uses its vendor file management output to discover relationships and duplicates throughout the entire supplier population. This new data is systematically folded into a duplicate payment search.

With Lavante, companies are no longer confined to a traditional search for duplicate payments per supplier, but are able to search across entire families of suppliers and across the unseen duplicate vendors that populate their supplier database. Lavante’s leveraged review will always identify more credit opportunities while uncovering and preventing many of the issues that lead to duplicate payments in the first place.


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