Deduction Management

Productsheet Download Deduction Management Resolving deduction disputes is resource-intensive and unnecessarily costly for companies and suppliers. PRGX Deduction Management automates the process [...]

Lavante Scorecard Datasheet

Datasheet Download Lavante Scorecard Lavante Scorecard provides an in-depth assessment for every supplier across all business units and across all countries. The solution, [...]

Supply Chain Finance with Taulia and Lavante


Datasheet: Download The Market Leading Solution for: Supply Chain Finance with Taulia and Lavante The Opportunity in Supply Chain Finance Implementing a [...]

Vendor Management Product Overview


Datasheet: Download Lavante VMF Cleansing Product Overview Lavante Connect™ is a cloud based software solution that implements best practices for VMF cleansing. Our system [...]

Lavante Recovery Product Overview


Datasheet Download Lavante Recovery Product Overview Lavante has revolutionized the way recovery processes can be structured. Through the development and use of new [...]

Lavante SIM Datasheet


Datasheet: Download Lavante SIM Datasheet Lavante SIM™ solution offers flexibility for your business with controls that enables you to manage and validate your supplier profile [...]

Lavante Recovery Datasheet


Datasheet: Download Lavante Recovery Datasheet Lavante Recovery™ is able to serve as a standalone service or as a complement to other recovery services [...]

OFAC Compliance Product Overview


Datasheet: Download OFAC Compliance Product Overview The OFAC module in Lavante Connect™ enables businesses to automate and streamline their ongoing compliance measures, as well [...]

FATCA Product Overview


Datasheet: Download FATCA Compliance Product Overview For advanced compliance measures with real-time IRS validation, Lavante Connect and alliance partner CTI offer an integrated solution [...]

Conflict Minerals Product Overview


Datasheet: Download Conflict Minerals Product Overview Utilizing our built-in self-service portal, suppliers are able to self declare conflict mineral information online, according to the [...]